Sunday, December 01, 2013

City Breaks and Forest Dreams

oil on canvas 40x50 cm

Dorit Barak invited me to take part in this year's Open Studios. She has a big studio in South Tel Aviv, in a building shared by many other artists. It allowed me to stay a few days in the big city, and made me feel like I needed more of that, because Haifa is so, well... quiet.
Not that we don't have our own city life. But it's very modest and you always meet the same people. Tel Aviv has this pulse, rush and multiple opportunities. I chose to live in Haifa though, and judging by the creative surge I had in the past few years, my choice seems justified.
But since Dorit invited me to show in Tel Aviv, I just sat at the desk, so to speak, and began to work, producing a whole body of work in just 5 months.
Here are some examples of the stuff I've been producing.

oil on canvas 48x52 cm

 engraving and oil paint on opaque (white) plexiglass, 65x64

oil on canvas 106x44 cm

This last one is an experiment in painting from imagination. I started with my back yard - the first painting in this post - and then inserted the forest in the space stretched between the buildings. 
So the back yard becomes CityForest... and maybe when CityForest project is ready, my back yard will indeed be part of it.

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