Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Drawing, by the Way

It's been a very dry winter so far in Haifa, and I got used to taking long walks - sometimes longer than the drawing/painting session - and discovering new places nearby. I always need to improve nature a bit; I did it with my "Back Yard" series; I am doing it again with "Khayat Grove", a secret garden that's been neglected for decades but is kept afloat thanks to volunteer work (initiated by Eyal Friedlander and Abed Abdi, two artists from Haifa).
These are a few drawings done recently, all pen on paper. Sizes vary - 25x35 or 35x50.

The Grove is at the foot of the Carmel, right where Wadi Siah - a graceful semi-dry stream (flows in rainy season) that runs through a modest wood - ends. This is what I was drawing a bit higher up. 

Elsewhere in Haifa a miniature rocky slope captured my imagination.

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