Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Central Attraction

A man’s voice warning that doors are closing, a woman’s voice cheerfully singing next station names. Ladies and gentlemen we are being held because of. We are being held in New York City subway, but we are still very much in love.
I came to New York, after a long break, in 2006. I keep coming back and it's as if I never left. My first visit was for half a day when I was eight; my longest visit lasted a whole year. I have witnessed all seasons in the city (fall is my favorite, and then came Sandy). I have some friends. It's my home as much as I have any, because home is where the heart is. 
In the park I watch people under the sun rays running to and fro. I want to hold them firmly, tighten their legs to the ground but they fly away too fast, only stopping for a selfie. Any real lovers of the park here? Someone who just wants to linger, absorb it in slow motion? Not today: It’s sunny and warm and the bees have so little to do and so much time. Stop. Reverse that.
I should live here, I think. But I did live here. Why didn’t I stay? I do live here once a year for a month, sometimes more. The man I met today in the park said I looked like a local, like someone who goes there frequently and knows why. I know I belong. Places that you belong to are kind to you. But I believe this place is generous to everybody. It just opens up a bit more to those who wish to explore deeper.

It is a winter day of unbelievable 50 degrees F in January. Snow will come in due time, but not today.

The park in 2006 -- pencil, color pencil

And in 2014 - watercolor

2015 - a few marker drawings

And this is winter 2016/2017

Yes, I have been to more places (in my next blog entry, soon). And behold the people of New York beautiful and bizarre, scruffy and sexy,  found their way onto my paper. Get ready.


Josef Ralt said...

Congratulations for the new blog?
Amazing works, beautiful colours and lines.
I am afraid tough , that for people taking their time in the park you'll need to go to London :)

yachin pnueli said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words to describe a beautiful city. The longest I've been there was about a week yet often I miss it.

Rona said...

Thanks Joe, I have older entries in this lazy blog which I have been keeping since my grand tour of USA, but just like you, I update it rather thinly.

Rona said...

Hi Yachin, I absolutely understand missing a place like New York, a week is not enough and it is a unique place, even though the world has its share of big cities.

j. gershony-geyer said...

great blog! love the sketches and your choice of colors for NY which I think, suits this city well.

Rona said...

Thanks Jasmine, See you soon! >>> I already miss New York. :)