Saturday, February 04, 2017

Life Underground

On a cold day in January I stayed for hours in the Subway tunnels, changing trains 5 or 6 times and making sketches of the Subway People. I think this time in New York more than ever I have taken a real interest in drawing people, an art I have drifted away from since 2010 or about.
A man in the train, three people seated at a table in a bookstore cafe, people strolling down a busy street, a friend in his living room, a woman sitting alone in the park, a group in the airport waiting for the flight, each with their unique features, attire, air and stance, color, background, not knowing they are subject to scrutiny, or if they become aware, smile broadly or turn away, they all fascinate me now, so different, all part of the Big Apple without discrimination. Or so I would like to believe.


Shirley Egozi said...

Absolutely beautiful

Rona said...

Thank you Shirley. I am doing my best :)